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at the speed of light.

AI compute

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Harness the Power of Light for AI

At Neurophos, we pioneer a revolutionary approach to AI computation, leveraging the vast potential of light. Our cutting-edge technology, powered by optical metasurfaces and silicon photonics, introduces a new era of ultra-fast, high-density AI inference that outstrips the capabilities of traditional silicon photonics.

Solving the Compute vs. Power Problem

The exponential growth of AI inference workloads is threatening to push the demand for global data center electricity consumption to unsustainable levels. 


Neurophos’ technology provides way more compute per dollar spent on capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenditures (OPEX), at the same energy consumption, and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of AI accelerator chips and data centers.


The Metasurface Age

Metamaterials enable new paradigms for controlling the flow of light. The discovery of metamaterials has unleashed an enormous burst of creativity, leading to demonstrations of invisibility cloaks, negative refractive index materials, and many other exotic products. 


Neurophos’ optical metasurfaces are designed for use in data centers and are already shattering world records in computational energy efficiency. 


Exponentially better

We use high-speed silicon photonics to drive a metasurface in-memory processor capable of faster AI compute, without needing more power. 
By leveraging metamaterials Neurophos can shrink an optical processor by 8000X, which gives orders of magnitude of improvement over GPUs and other AI processor architectures used today.


The Neurophos Advantage

Our mission is to deliver AI computation solutions that are not just faster, but denser and more efficient. Our unique approach combines the best of optical metasurfaces and silicon photonics, offering an AI inference acceleration solution that is poised to reshape the AI landscape. 

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