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VP of Engineering

Neurophos is on the lookout for a highly skilled, dynamic, and forward-thinking Vice President of Engineering who will lead our extraordinary team into the next generation of optical computing solutions. This key leadership position requires a sophisticated understanding of silicon photonics and optical computing, alongside a commendable track record in overseeing successful engineering teams. The selected leader will play a pivotal role in further refining our state-of-the-art optical metasurface technology, pushing the envelope on what's achievable in speed, efficiency, and computational density for AI computation. As a part of Neurophos, you'll have the opportunity to transform the landscape of AI, making a significant contribution in unlocking the limitless potential of light-powered computation. Lead us into a new dawn of ultra-fast, high-density AI inferencing and make your mark on the future of computing.

Optical Engineer

We are looking for an Optical Engineer to join our dynamic team, focused on harnessing the power of light for AI. The ideal candidate will have substantial expertise in optical system design, modeling, and testing, alongside a passion for innovation in the field of optical computing. You will play a pivotal role in developing and optimizing our unique optical metasurface and silicon photonics technology, contributing directly to the creation of our ultra-fast, high-density AI inference engines. If you're a solution-driven, visionary Optical Engineer with a desire to shape the AI landscape, we encourage you to join us on this exciting journey into the new era of AI computation.

ASIC Engineer

Neurophos is seeking a highly skilled ASIC Engineer to join our groundbreaking team, working at the forefront of AI optical computing. This role requires an individual with strong knowledge and experience in designing and implementing ASICs, along with a deep understanding of the associated design methodologies and tools. You will work closely with our team to design and validate ASICs that can handle our high-speed, high-density AI computations. This position offers the opportunity to contribute significantly to the development and optimization of our state-of-the-art technology. If you are a forward-thinking, innovative ASIC Engineer eager to push the boundaries of AI computation, we invite you to join us.

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